by Sarah Troiano on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Invaluable Partners

Without the exceptional and dependable care provided by Amada Senior Care our parents would not have been able to remain in their home over the past twelve months as our father’s health rapidly declined. The team of professional CNAs from Amada are highly skilled in all the technical aspects of caring for clients - medication management, transport and mobilization assistance, feeding and hygiene care, safe transferring, light housekeeping and food preparation, medical appointment management, and even the calm navigation of medical emergencies. The administrative team has been equally exceptional - highly responsive, always accommodating our unique needs, ensuring 24/7 coverage as needed, facilitation with long term care insurance, and just a complete commitment to doing what it takes to provide impeccable customer service.

And perhaps even more valuable than the exceptional hands-on professional skills of both the care and administrative teams, are the intangibles Amada provided. They helped our Dad maintain his dignity as he encountered some of the indignities one faces with advanced age and severe illness, while simultaneously lessening the stress our family experienced as our father diminished. With the utmost care and kindness, they partnered with us… and, for this, our family is eternally grateful.

 by Shaun Yoder on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Passionate, service-oriented care providers

Phil and Beth Rice and the entire team of caregivers at Amada have been nothing short of exceptional. Amada South Shore has been assisting my aunt for the last year-and-a-half and she raves about the team's commitment, dependability, tailored supports, and personalized care. Every time I check in with her I get a glowing review. I've met and chatted with Phil and Beth personally on a number of occasions, and I rest easy knowing that my aunt is in their care. I highly recommend Amada South Shore. The team enables my aunt to meet her goal of remaining independent, healthy, and safe in her home that she loves so much. Thank you Phil, Beth, and the care team at Amada!

 by Marjorie Weinberger on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Grateful for Beth and Phil

I am so grateful to Beth, Phil, and the entire Amada team for their kindness and dedication. My 85-year-old dad is cared for around the clock by Amada caregivers. It is only due to their gentle care that my dad can live his life in his home, in comfort, and with dignity. Beth and Phil have been steadfast in their commitment to ensure that each person who comes to my Dad's house is trained, caring, dependable and so very patient. Amada is not only a trusted company, but they are extended family for whom I am grateful to everyday. It's the big things like complicated medications and monitoring my dad's many health issues, to the small things like making sure he is physically comfortable and emotionally secure. Thank you Beth and Phil. Thank you Amada caregivers.

 by Andrea Szarowicz on Amada Senior Care South Shore
They actually care about the elderly and are dependable!

Amada Senior Care has now been in our lives for 2 months. What can I say about the last two months?
- my grandmother's quality of life has improved.
- her home health aide Amanda has truly been an amazing partnership. My grandmother adores and TRUST her.
- My family and I sleep at night knowing she is checked on ( we live in Florida, her on Cape Cod).
- The owners are very attentive and involved in all day to day aspects of Amada.
- During impending snow storms all arrangements were made by Amada to make sure she had medications, food, electricity, and someone to plow. All things I used to stress about.
If you need a Senior Health Care service. Please call Amada. You will not be dissapointed.
- Andrea Szarowicz
( Granddaughter to Byrdie)

 by Olivia P. on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Dedicated to Clients and Aides

I have never worked for an agency like Amada South Shore that is so dedicated to their clients and aides. The owners, Meg, Beth and Phil, visit the homes of clients to best determine what they need according to their individual care plan. Being compassionate and caring, they also visit clients whenever extra support is needed. Each of the owners has a background in nursing or social work, and clients know they are in good, caring hands.

They also highly value the personal care aides they employ. Our schedules are designed to ensure the client and the aide feel comfortable together. In addition, a client is never left without assistance. Should an aide not be available, the scheduler makes sure another caregiver is assigned to serve the client for the scheduled shift. Sometimes that means an owner takes the shift! Having worked for different home care agencies, I have never felt so satisfied with my work as I do at Amada South Shore.

 by Peter Dyer on Amada Senior Care South Shore
High Level of Care

Our family has been very impressed with the communication, flexibility and high level of care Amada is providing us during in my wife’s final days. I'm not able to express enough good things about Amada South Shore.

 by David Saltiel on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Awesome Care 24/7

You and your team provided home care for me for over 2 months after I had open heart surgery right after Labor Day. You and your team provided awesome care 24-7 for several weeks before reducing the time to 12 hours per day. At all times the caregivers were everything I could ever hope for. They were kind, caring, and very helpful. Barbara and I thank you and Phil for all that was done for me.

 by Yovemyl O. on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Their Top Priority is Caregivers

I've had the pleasure of working at Amada South Shore for about a year. When I was getting interviewed and hired, I remember the owners Phil, Beth and Meg telling me that their top priority being their caregivers. They have proven this 101%! They take care of their caregivers and go above and beyond. I am grateful and feel blessed to be with Amada Senior Care. They simply are the best, and I highly recommend them.

 by Melissa S. on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Best Company I Have Worked For

I have worked for Amada Senior Care for several months and it has been a pleasure. In all the time I've been in this field, Amada South Shore is the best company I have worked for, by far! I honestly treasure them and feel so blessed to have been selected to join their staff.

 by Tracy M. on Amada Senior Care South Shore
Amada Works Very Hard for Us

The feel that the care team at Amada South Shore works very hard for us. My mother is so well cared for and she is monitored. It is such a relief to have the phone calls, paperwork, and other burdens of care coordination taken off my shoulders. I highly recommend Amada Senior Care.

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