Very flexible

Fred and the team at Amada offered quick and quality service during a chaotic time of need. My mother fell and broke her arm while I lived in Arizona during the COVID quarantine. They worked with me on providing care for my mother with varying locations and schedules. The caregivers themselves were personable and helped my mother to be comfortable and at ease. I wholeheartedly recommend Amada and will use them again if in need.

by Aldair Barranco on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Focused on Care and Safety During COVID

Without doubt, the Amada team is made up of caring, compassionate, and loving people. Both the staff and owners show their dedication to clients and caregivers. Truly, they go to great lengths to work with your situation and strive to brighten your day.

I would recommend this fantastic team to any of my personal loved ones because they effectively communicate care and trust. Even under the most difficult circumstances during this COVID-19 pandemic, they adapt to the circumstances, remain organized and responsible for their work, and stay focused on the care and safety of their clients and caregivers.

by Jim Gosnell on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Outstanding Care

The Amada team in an incredible group of professionals who provide outstanding care for my father James Gosnell! From the first day I spoke to Jonathan Burrough until the present almost two years now, I have continually been impressed by the high quality of service and responsiveness from the Amada team. They are always on time, they take a deep personal interest in the care of my Father, they make sure he gets to his appointments, he does his exercises, he receives the assistance he needs, and they do so many more things demonstrating excellent initiative to help out and enable him to continue to live in his home with my Mom. His quality of life is so much better because of the Amada team's service.

No matter what day it is or what time it is you can reach someone for help. Fred has answered the phone himself and provided assistance when I needed it. I highly recommend you choose this team of motivated, caring and competent professional care givers to help take care of your loved ones. We will be using them for a long time and thankful for the great service.

Amada Goes the Extra Mile! They are wonderful!

Amada is absolutely wonderful! They have provided help for our family for over 5 years – for both my Dad and my Mom. Owner/Managers, Fred and Janice Ehlers, and Jonathan Burroughs are wonderful to work with, and their caregivers are well-trained, nurturing and compassionate. Management is proactive in seeking feedback about their performance – calling to check how things are going and rapidly addressing any issues that might arise.

When my father came home from a skilled nursing facility, he needed home care and had a long-term care insurance policy. Fred helped us understand and navigate the complicated insurance process. This was a Godsend. (This contrasted greatly with another senior care company that told us we were on our own wrt insurance filing– and couldn’t even tell us if my Dad’s required care would qualify. We’d see after filing a claim…).

Fred and Jonathan visited my parents many times and brought flowers to my Dad when he was in the hospital. We think of them, and many of their caretakers as family. When my Dad passed, Fred attended the funeral – which touched us deeply. We highly recommend Amada.


by Sue (Sadie's daughter) on Amada Senior Care Reviews
You're a Lifeline!

Thank you for your excellent care for my mom. I speak with her every day and she always tells me that she has lovely caregivers. One of them even gave her a beautiful plant for Mothers’ Day which she (and I) really appreciated. She understandably misses being able to see family and I think it will be quite a few months before travel restrictions are lifted such that I can fly in from the UK. With that being said, I am truly grateful for the care you are giving – frankly, it’s a lifeline. We appreciate all of you for all that you do!

We have been very pleased Amada Senior Health Care! Especially with Meral who is our daytime caregiver!

Our experience with Fred, Janice and their staff at Amada Senior Care has been wonderful!

The personnel provided were professional, caring and qualified. I can recommend Amada without reservation.

by Wanda Fuller on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Absolute Perfect Caregiver for My Husband

I just wanted to thank Amada for giving us the absolute perfect caregiver, Emily C. She was perfect all the time, but especially towards the end of my husband's life. She had the best manner and she was so kind. Even her voice and the way she spoke to my husband, Thomas, was so compassionate. I had so many people coming in and out of my house, but Amada was the only consistency that I had and needed. I just wanted to give you an A+ and thank you for everything.

by Betty Lou Rogers on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Very Pleased

We have been very pleased Amada Senior Health Care! Especially with Meral who is our daytime caregiver!

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