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Thank you Amada Senior Care for being kind, compassionate, and helpful in my mothers care. Your team has been wonderful to work with all along and we appreciate the service you give. I highly recommend them to anyone needing senior care in the Orange County area.

 by Leonard Weinstein on Amada Senior Care Reviews

My caregiver, Don, continues to be a true professional and a caring individual helping me in every way he can.

 by Len Weinstein on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Don Kekoa, my caregiver, is warm, friendly and very professional at what he does. Whatever assistance I need, Don is always willing to work with me to both assist and suggest more convenient ways to accomplish something.

 by Len Weinstein on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Having used Amada back to 2014 for my late wife and now in my later years for myself, should say it all. Their caregivers are highly qualified. They are kind, caring, professional and very giving of their skills.

 by Virginia Carr on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Thank you Amada for being so kind and caring with our mother. She enjoyed visiting with all the care givers. Thank you Amada our main care giver who was always there for us!! You are a wonderful company with lots of compassion for your clients and famiy.

 by Denise Eisenberg on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Thank You

I have been very happy with the care Amada has been providing to my mother. After interviewing with a Amada representative, I was able to arrange a visit the next day with a kind and caring member of the Amada team. I appreciate very much the time being spent with my mom.

 by Leonard Weinstein on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amazing Care

Going back to 2014 when my dear wife passed away our family has had the joy of caring, professional caregivers when needed.
Both the caregivers and the office staff go beyond. They are truly wonderful.

 by arlene on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Receiving the proper care is crucial in maintaining a positive quality of life for love ones with Alzheimer’s/Dementia. This affects not only the individual but the family members as well. Navigating a very emotional and difficult path there are solutions. Amada was the solution for me. My requests were taken seriously i.e., having the same caregivers consistently, speaking English clearly and truly being a companion. This has given me much needed peace of mind and I highly recommend them.

 by Harriet on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Obviously this is a caring organization committed to the excellence of care of the elderly.

I am grateful for the time William and Scott spent with me to set up my care and assured me of their involvement as necessary for my future needs.

 by Debbie Alanis on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Thank you so much!

Amada has been great to work with. My aunt and elderly uncle need care and have dementia. I'm having to arrange it from Texas and absolutely love the care they have received from Lillian, their Amada provider. Thank you for the peace of mind, Amada!

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Amada Senior Care Reviews
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 by Jennifer

"Amada Senior Care" was very caring to my father in his time of need. They attended to him and treated him with the utmost of respect. During this time they were very reassuring to not only me but to the entire family.