by John V. Gallagher on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I have had three caregivers and all have been very good, each in their own way. I am very pleased with Amada. I started with Scott and have talked to William many times. He has always been very willing to help in any way.

My husband has Alzheimer's and although he does not need too much help by the caregiver, I have had to take on all responsibilities and that has been very hard on me, physically and emotionally. My caregivers have helped me very much and I am very grateful for their help. I am thankful for our long-term care through Genworth which enables me to have the help I need.

by Carolee Castellaw on Amada Senior Care Reviews

We have had excellent caregivers that have been compassionate and heartfelt. William and Cathy have been wonderful to work with and very understanding of my
husband's condition. Greatest concern is the scheduling, in particular, getting good caregivers on weekends.

by Eugenie Hunter on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada cares

I’m very happy with Amada!! They have made my life wonderful!! Kaitlynn was wonderful and Lisa is my brain and a very good driver—she is an extension of me! She takes me anywhere I need to go. I’m so grateful for everything they’ve done for me, from the office staff to the caregivers.

by Katie McArthy-Manzone on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Esther was amazing! So grateful.

We had many positive experiences with Amada and their staff. But I have to stand up and cheer for Esther! She was with my family the day we had to say goodbye to our beautiful mother. Esther felt like family by the time it was over. She was so loving and gentle. She and I worked side-by-side to keep my mother comfortable on her last night on Earth. Then Esther told me to sleep, promising to wake me if anything changed. Her instincts were perfect, she woke me when she knew I would want to be back beside my mother. She was comforting yet calm and professional. I have always dreaded the day I would lose my mother—but I will ALWAYS be grateful for the person God chose to send, through Amada, when He sent Esther. I will never forget her. Thank you Amada, and THANK YOU ESTHER! We love you like family even though we only knew you for a day.

by Constance Fox on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Staff and Service

It has been a pleasure working with Amada Senior Care staff since 2017. Scott, Caitlin and Lila were there in all aspects of establishing a system of care, first for my mother and then to include my father. Their assistance relieved concerns and stress with providing care for aged parents with various levels of need. Highly recommend their service. They are a lifeline for family members dealing with the emotional needs of their loved ones.

by Mary Kuchenbecker on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada Services

AMADA is a reliable company and provides excellent service. The caregivers are helpful, efficient, courteous and friendly. I would definitely recommend AMADA.

by Al Cantarini on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amada Home Care

I have been pleased by the professional service and care that I receive from Amada. I am recovering well from a TBI. Kathy and Edwin are great.

by Linda Williams on Amada Senior Care Reviews

This is my third time using AMADA. AMADA is a reliable company and provides excellent service. The caregivers are helpful, efficient, courteous and friendly. I would definitely recommend AMADA to anyone that needs this type of home care service.

by Lisa Rivera on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Thank You!!

It took a little while to find the caregivers that clicked with my dad -- NOT because the caregivers weren't wonderful, but because my dad can be a tough customer! Amada was patient and understanding with our need to find the caregivers with whom my dad was comfortable. And we feel very lucky to have found some gems. My dad was just telling me the other day, "You know, we're lucky with the caregivers that we have. They're great!" Sarah and Esmeralda are incredible. They care about my father and want to make sure he is taken care of and happy. When they're with him, I feel at ease. Thank you so much for helping us through some rough times.

by Al Cantarini on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Amada is an excellent source for caregivers. We have been very satisfied. Alyssa is fantastic. Cody has done a wonderful job. Thank you!

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