by Olamide A. on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Ready to Listen to Caregivers

The office staff is easily accessible and ready to listen to caregivers. They always have whatever you need. It's a high priority. Each time we go for training, they give me more insight and confidence when it comes to my clients.

 by Anonymous on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Helpful to Have Another Set of Hands

It was just helpful to have another set of hands around for safety for my senior loved one. The care staff kept me up to date on ALL changes which was very helpful.

 by Anonymous on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Staff That Works There is Great

Overall, they have been very good. I think the staff that works there is great. I have had three calls to check up on Dad. The caregiver cooks meals for him but it is pretty easy going on her end in terms of what is required. She is very religious and she talks about that a lot. My father loves talking about that stuff. I think in terms of the social aspect, he seems to fit in fine with her.

 by Carmen Maso on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Caregivers Were Very Caring

The agency made sure the caregivers could speak Spanish and were bilingual. I liked the caregivers, they were very caring. The caregivers treated my like dad a human, they cooked for him. The caregivers made him feel comfortable and talked with him. They always called and were on top things.

 by Gwen B. on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Caregiver Hours Are a Good Fit

I like their sincerity and willingness to find you additional work. When you call in with a problem or concern; they are very helpful in trying to find a solution. The hours that they need me make me a good fit and vise versa.

 by Marvin Neidlich on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Love Our Caregiver

We recommend them highly for the caretaker that is here right now. She's quiet and goes about her business and my wife loves her.

 by Wendy S. on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Flexible Work Hours for Moms

They give me the clients close to me, and the hours help me as a mom.

 by Gigi H. on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
They Work with Your Schedule

I'm an experienced caregiver. They work with your schedule, they give you options to work. The communication is good, we text and call. If I don't understand something, I call, and they explain it to me. I tell them what kind of clients I would want. They work with what kind of client you want to work with. If I want to work with a client full time, they check on that.

 by Pat Gambony on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Recommended by Friends

Amada NorthShore was recommended by some of our friends. They do a nice job of caring for my father. The caregiver is a very nice guy and he and my father hit it off from the start. They certainly get along well.

 by MaryBeth S. on Amada Senior Care NorthShore
Attentive to My Needs

The caregivers did everything I asked. I had multiple people, but they were all very attentive to my needs. I had service for two weeks while on bedrest, so I couldn't have survived without them. They helped me the most with personal care and feeding me. The office staff is helpful because they made sure someone was always here.

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