by Scott Early on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta
Amazing Help

We have worked with Amada for several years coordinating the care of my mother, who suffers from dementia. The Amada team did an incredible job for over 5 years providing 24/7 in home care. The commitment to care was very impressive. Eventually, we needed to find an assisted living facility. Lisa walked us through the entire process and truly wanted to find the right fit for our family. I don't think I could have navigated the process, and I'm a physician myself! If your family has a need for caregivers or assistance finding a facility, I highly recommend Alan and Lisa.

 by Charles Ralnacse on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta
Lisa's Team is great

There aren't enough words to say about the family of Amada Senior Care in North Atlanta. Lisa introduced me to this world of Senior care I knew nothing about. How are you supposed to know all the terminology when finding care for your Senior Loved ones? She was so patient with explaining everything to me. From the caregivers and how they are so in synchrony with the office LaToya scheduling, To having the RN Anna stop by and check on how things are going in the home. Everything seems so personalized with them. Even Lisa stops by occasionally to visit and make sure all needs are met. I couldn't imagine how much more difficult it could be making these decisions without her guidance. I couldn't imagine using anyone else around for senior home health care. I am sure when the next step of finding a senior residence that she is the one to ask for guidance on that decision.

Excellent Assistance

Lisa Waters gave me every ounce of her knowledge during my inquiry. She is compassionate and caring and gave me more than enough information to start my mother's journey. She assisted in lessening my stress. You are lucky to have her as am I!

 by Bob Larkin on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta

I was referred to Lisa Waters at Amada Senior Care by a skilled nursing facility. I was in need of moving my 98 yr old mother for long term care after hip surgery. I cannot express in words how helpful Lisa was in every last aspect of providing care. She was available days, nights and weekends.

Not only did Lisa provide me with options for LTC facilities, she was instrumental in setting up transportation service for my mother, had a hospital bed waiting at the new facility for us, worked hand in hand with the nursing facility to transfer the medical orders in a timely fashion, worked to get hospice started, and the list goes on and on.

I am probably like most people who don't know the ins and outs of senior care, facilities, Medicare, laws, etc. so having Lisa with the knowledge and connections to captain the ship was simply invaluable.

At the end, my mother passed. I would imagine that most senior care consultants would "close the file," but not Lisa! She stayed in contact, made sure there were no issues, jumped in and got involved to assist with a problem and kept reassuring that she was still here to help.

In today's world, it seems like finding someone who actually cares and wants to do the right thing for people is harder and harder to find. I am so happy that I found Lisa and Amada Senior Care at a time when I really needed it. I would HIGHLY recommend Amada for anyone looking for home health or a senior care consultant!!!

 by Kim Beene on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta
An Incredible Help

Lisa has been an incredible help whilst going through such a complicated process. I really appreciate her quick and helpful responses.

 by Dave Naspinski on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta
Responsive, Compassionate, Understanding

Lisa was tremendous in helping find a care facility for my parents. In addition to bringing her wealth of experience and knowledge, she was responsive, compassionate, understanding, and patient throughout. She was always willing to reach out to facilities or other parties to help facilitate or expedite the process. I would not hesitate to recommend Lisa and Amada to friends or family that are seeking care for their loved ones. Thank you, Lisa!

Appreciate All of You

I really appreciate all of you for the gift presented to me. God Almighty will continue strength and bless the company abundantly.

 by Lynne Brown on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta
Really good, attentive service

I couldn’t believe the wonderful, sweet, individual attention I received from Lisa and Alan during a stressful time for me. Thank you for caring so much. I recommend Agape to anyone who needs in-home health care and a facility for their loved one. They were very polite and professional.
Lynne Brown

 by Pam Van Ahn on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta
Executive Director, Caring Together In Hope/Amy's Place

I met Alan and Lisa several years ago and we have recommended Amada Senior Care to many families who need respite care, advice, and education. They really do CARE and 5 stars doesn't seem adequate! Give them a call; you will be glad you did!

 by John Landwehr on Amada Senior Care North Atlanta
Excellent Caretaker - Thania

I had the unique opportunity and blessing to have Thania as a and friend and caregiver for my mother, while she was battling bladder cancer. She only knew us for a short period of time but quickly adopted us as family from day one! She has a true godly gift to do and say all the right things at the right time. I said during my mother's Eulogy that Thania was "living proof that angels still walk among us". (and she came my mom's funeral!) She touched our hearts in a special way

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