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Excellent Care Services

The care services provided by the owner and caregivers were excellent! The caregiver was very good and my wife was extremely happy with the assistance and service! They took very good care of her!

 by Sheryl L. on Amada Senior Care Lake Lanier
Exceeded All Expectations

I went with Amada Senior Care for the solid 5-star Google rating after interviewing several home care facilities to help me care for my husband with cancer. I can certainly see why they have earned that rating. I can't say enough about our kind and compassionate, as well as qualified and reliable, caregiver who became like a part of our family. She made my husband smile even on the darkest of days. Anthony, the owner of Amada, is incredibly knowledgeable about long-term care insurance policies and helped me understand what should and should not be covered. He helped with the insurance company about waiving the three-month elimination period since my husband was already on hospice by the time he needed care. After my husband passed away, Anthony continued to stay involved for five more months until the issue was resolved! Without reservation, I highly recommend Amada Senior Care for your home care needs. I feel Anthony and the care team genuinely cared for me and my husband like their own family and exceeded any and all expectations.

Passion for Helping Seniors

Amada Senior Care Lanier is an exceptional company. The caregiving team has been extremely helpful in caring for my visually impaired and disabled grandmother. The caregivers are kind, caring and professional in every possible way. The owners Anthony and Ilona are incredible people with a passion for helping seniors. We could not have asked for a better company to help us.

Great Empathetic Support to Our Parents

To the entire Amada team : Thank you for the great support for both of our parents! Our family appreciates the talent of each caregiver but Carla's empathetic support of our mother was extraordinary and went beyond our expectations. Carla expresses empathetic support in a way that actually helped us feel a little better about mom's condition and that is not an easy task! Her generosity and patience were always on display. As mombegan to lose interest in eating, Carla provided food and drink from her own meals if mom thought Carla's items looked more appealing. Carla informed newly assigned caregivers on mom's condition. As mom's condition worsened, Carla didn't hesitate to provide details that certainly helped shape mom's care. Once mom was unable to use her phone, Carla initiated calls to keep mom connected to all mom's family and friends. Carla knew how to effectively navigate through all as mom's health declined and she passed away. Carla's experience and wisdom helped extend mom's life which gave us more time to love her. All of us felt so much more comfortable knowing Carla had her eyes on our most precious prize ... our mom!

 by Brian C. on Amada Senior Care Lake Lanier
Great Home Care Option

Amada Senior Care has been a great home care option for helping our family. They are locally owned as well with the owner Anthony genuinely caring for the people he is helping. Anthony is also very knowledgeable with Long-Term Care policies. He helped our family with the LTC process of home care and being able to use the policy wisely. The Amada care team and caregivers coming in the home have been very kind. Our family highly recommends trusting your loved ones with the Amada team.

 by Karen T. on Amada Senior Care Lake Lanier
Highly Recomend Amada

Can't say enough positive things about Amada Senior Care. My first meeting with the owner Anthony helped me to understand mom's long-term care insurance policy. Mom got a regular caregiver who we truly love! All the caregivers are professional and extremely caring. We highly recommend Amada to anyone who needs in-home care.

 by Jeanniene Yates on Amada Senior Care Lake Lanier
Amada Senior Care

I do not usually give reviews for services prior to final results but this is an exception. Anthony Crossley-owner of Amada Senior Care-has been working feverishly with me to obtain VA Spousal benefits for my elderly mom's care. These benefits will be a tremendous help in obtaining the urgently needed Personal Care home arrangement. He's shared an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise in the preparation and filing of VA Spousal benefits and procedure. While it is factual that it will still take time for a response from filing, Anthony has truly taken time and care throughout this entire process to show genuine compassion and empathy towards
my expected favorable outcome. I highly recommend Amada Senior Care to anyone earnestly seeking professional guidance and direction for the care of their loved ones.

 by Mary Franks on Amada Senior Care Lake Lanier
Expert Caregiving for Husband Who Had Fall

My husband suffered a terrible fall that left him in need of 24-hour home care. We found Amada Senior Care and were amazed at the level of expertise from caregiver Ariana who also is smart and wise. Her care extends to our entire family from a compassion-filled loving heart. Ariana always arrives early and often stays past her “quitting time” if she is not at a proper place to leave. She helps with household chores unprompted. The attention given to my husband is full of warmth and caring about his comfort and well-being. We feel blessed to have Ariana share our concerns and aid in assisting us with the many problems we encounter almost daily. For some caregivers, it is a job, but to Ariana, caregiving is her life’s calling.

 by Jeffrey H. on Amada Senior Care Lake Lanier
Above and Beyond My Expectations

I’ve been pleased with the service as a client of Amada for three years. They have gone above and beyond my expectations more than once. For example, when I needed an emergency pharmacy run and a caregiver wasn’t available, someone from the admin office (including the CEO Anthony), made the run for me. I don’t believe there's better customer service than that. Both caregivers I’ve had have felt more like family members as opposed to workers on a job. I recommend Amada for your care.

Wonderful Experience

Wonderful experience from an amazing group of caregivers at Amada Senior Care. Life isn't always scripted and easy. Amada was willing to work through any challenges withcare, understanding and grace.

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