Senior Veterans Benefits Assistance for Knoxville, TN

If you are a senior veteran residing in the Knoxville, TN Area, find out about VA benefits that could help cover your home care services. Contact Amada Senior Care Knoxville today to see if you qualify.

At Amada Senior Care Knoxville, we recognize the intense sacrifices made by American veterans. Our professional senior care team is dedicated to ensuring that service members receive all the support and comprehensive care they deserve in their later years.

Whether you are a veteran or an advocate for one, Amada Knoxville is committed to providing the necessary resources and guidance to help your family navigate options. If you are not yet enrolled in the VA Healthcare System, please reach out to us. Our senior care advisors are ready to assist with the enrollment process, allowing you to begin enjoying your benefits as soon as possible.

Big 3 Senior Veterans Benefits

BENEFIT #1: Aid and Attendance

This benefit provides supplemental funds to qualified veterans or their surviving spouses, enhancing their monthly pension from the VA (Veterans Administration) to help cover in-home care costs.

Eligible veterans must:

  • Have 90+ days of active duty, including at least one day during wartime (two years for Persian Gulf service).
  • Require assistance with at least two activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, walking, meal preparation, and eating.
  • Have a significant portion of income allocated towards care expenses.

BENEFIT #2: Homemaker/Home Health Aide (HHA)

This program supports Greater Knoxville, TN veterans who wish to remain independent in their own homes, providing them with a trained home health aide or homemaker. These in-home care professionals assist with daily living activities and offer companionship. Veterans services are contracted through non-VA providers, typically home care agencies like Amada Knoxville.

Qualification criteria include:

  • Enrollment in a VA medical benefits package.
  • A doctor’s prescription for home care services.
  • Confirmed eligibility for community-based care services.

BENEFIT #3: Respite Care

Respite Care offers temporary relief for spouses and other family caregivers, allowing them time for personal errands, their dependents, or their mental health. Services may include home visits by a home health aide, short-term stays in community living centers or VA nursing homes, adult day care, or in-patient care at VA medical centers. Priority typically is given to aging veterans 75 and older, disabled veterans, or those with greater financial or health needs.

To qualify, veterans must:

  • Be enrolled in a VA health care benefits package.
  • Need assistance with daily living activities or have a chronic illness that requires professional care.

For more information on veterans benefits, check the Department of Veterans Affairs website at When discussing Benefits #2 and #3 with your VA Primary Care Physician, explicitly state your preference for Amada Senior Care as your designated caregiving provider.

How Amada Senior Care of Knoxville, Tennessee Can Help

Too often, veterans and their spouses or family members are unaware of their eligibility for financial assistance from the government through the VA. At Amada Senior Care Knoxville, we can help our veterans determine eligibility for VA Aid and Attendance benefits, as well as other forms of financial support.


“After interviewing Jeff, I didn’t feel the need to look any further. Amada totally met and exceeded my expectations! I appreciated every aspect of the service. It was a HUGE relief having Amada around to help with the care of my husband.”  – Vivian D. 


Learn More Veteran Care Benefits

At Amada Knoxville, Tennessee our care team is passionate about supporting seniors and their loved ones throughout their senior home care journey. To help make this possible, we are VA-contracted for the Veteran Homemaker/Home Health Aide and Respite program from the Tennessee Department of Veterans. Learn more about Veteran Care benefits at no cost! Click here for a Free Veteran’s Care Needs Consultation.