by LuCretia on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Great company

Amada has taken care of my dad for the last two years. I really appreciate the help and the comfort they have given my dad. Shelia, Tiffany and Erika are great I love their positive energy and always willing to help. Thank you so much for the awesome care for my dad.

 by Linda Korzeniowski on Amada Senior Care Reviews

I highly recommend this Amada Senior Care of Farmington Hills, Michigan. I had the pleasure of using this very professional, top-notch company for my mom. Their care was nothing short of exceptional, as well as loving and reliable. In fact, I must offer a special acknowledgement to Sheila, who manages the office and staff. She was very quick to handle any issue that came up. In addition, Sheila went above and beyond her job title for me when it came to caring for my mom. We used Amada caregivers from August 2017 through May 2018, and we're so glad we did!

 by Debbie Hicks Patt on Amada Senior Care Reviews

My father is at an age where he may not remember somebody’s name. But thanks to the special relationship he has with his Amada aide, he'll recognize her car when she pulls up to the house. The sight of her driving up always puts a smile on his face and he'll say “There’s my friend." She is THE BEST! On the rare occasion she can't make it, the office contacts us so we don't worry. The office always offers a replacement if she's not able to come, but to us she's simply irreplaceable so we decline. Her compassionate care shows that she loves my father, and he loves her in return.

 by Anonymous on Amada Senior Care Reviews

Dear Kevin and Greg: When the Veterans Administration in Ann Arbor shared that we were entitled to home care or respite care, it was a welcomed benefit. Recommended were Amada Senior Care and what a marvelous recommendation it was!

It is our pleasure to express our gratitude for your ongoing outstanding care and due diligence in helping us to soar in our quality of life. No words could express our appreciation for all that Amada Senior Care represents.

For us, private companion aides Bintu Sanneh and Verlinda Smith are dear friends who help Albert achieve success. Al has challenges that doctors share are lifelong, but we see miracle after miracle. We see a treasure chest of smiles, creative ideas and genuine love in Verlinda and Bintu. We see very smart people constantly reinforcing and practicing “Al’s Homework.”

In determining how they could best help Al to the fullest, we decided that all therapy homework for us would also be done by Bintu and Verlinda. At times, we have them observe the therapists when they are working with Al. This has been instrumental in achieving the goals. They have a routine that brings forth positive results in speech and understanding. It is indeed working! They love the time as all of us watch Al move forward and all of us wear ready smiles.

If I need to leave, the trust level is not in question; they are family. If light housekeeping is necessary, they are willing, ready and able. They are indeed wonderful people.

Each time we need to call Amada to confirm an area or change an appointment, scheduler Erica Lopez and all of the staff are ready, willing and able. Her kindness and willingness to change appointments if necessary is a delight. If an aide needs to change an appointment, all of us work together. Always, we hope our routine remains but this is not always possible. We receive delightful laughs and “No problem is too big to tackle!”

Al enjoys life and has a ready sense of humor regardless of physical and mental challenges. He is 100% committed to excellence.

Amada contributes to the impossible becoming “possible”. When I shared with co-owner Kevin that all the administrative work can be indeed time-consuming with various insurances, he offered to help. Understanding the strategies and making sure all is correct the first time around (with conflicting information given) takes additional time and effort. Kevin offered to help with a complicated situation. He has been wonderful and suggested ideas we had not thought of. The willingness is very much appreciated.

We thank Amada for being so gracious. From the leadership on down, these are people of kindness, positive reinforcement, belief in the ability to improve and joy in seeing success. We are deeply grateful. What an outstanding group of dedicated people!

May all of us know a feast in great health and happiness in every avenue of life.

 by Dr. Eunice Banks - Retired Army Colonel on Amada Senior Care Reviews on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Excellent Company

Exceptional service. The staff sensitive and respects and responds to the needs of the veteran.

 by A P Windmon on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Most Amazing Caring Leaders And Employees

I so happy Amada Senior Care was referred to me and provide assistance in the care for my brother in my home. Thank you so very much for outstanding guidance you've given me to be a more effective caregiver.

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