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Would you or a loved one benefit from in-home senior care?

We specialize in providing comprehensive, non-medical, in-home care to seniors in the East Texas area.

Your Senior Care Journey in Toledo Bend, Texas

Amada Senior Care, Toledo Bend, TX, is an in-home senior care agency that supports senior clients with independent living in their own homes. Whatever the case may be, whether it’s meal preparation or personal care, we’ll provide senior-focused support for your loved ones. As a leading in-home care agency, Amada Senior Care Toledo Bend is committed to providing high quality, compassionate support for seniors and their families.

The Importance of Independent Living for Seniors

Finding the right caregiver for each of our senior clients is a top priority at Amada Senior Care Toledo Bend. We understand the unique needs of seniors, and work with each client to create customized care plans that are specifically tailored to their individual wants and health requirements. We provide a Free Care Needs Consultation to best understand the needs of our senior clients.

Enhancing the Senior Living Experience

Our caregiver helps support seniors with activities of daily living to help them achieve intendent living in their own homes. These activities include:

In-Home Senior Care Bathing


Light Housekeeping

Light Housekeeping

In-Home Senior Care Dressing Assistance


In-Home Senior Care Transpotation


In-Home Senior Care Meal Preparation, Feeding

Meal Preparation, Feeding

In-Home Senior Care Toileting Assistance ADL


In-Home Senior Care Non Medical Assistance

Most Non-Medical Assistance

Medication Reminders - Amada Senior Care In-Home ADLs

Medication Reminders

In-Home Senior Care - Walking, Ambulation, Exercise Assistance

Walking, Ambulation

Full-Time Caregiver Support

When we create a senior care plan for our senior clients, we keep their independence top of mind. We want our clients to be able to maintain as much independence as possible, and our caregivers are experienced and trained to help them do just that.

Accessibility is also an important factor when it comes to maintaining independence at home. We can help seniors with wheelchair accessible home modifications, which can make a big difference in their quality of life.

Our caregivers are not only there to support senior clients but also act as a companion. Our clients enjoy spending time with our caregivers, and many of them have formed strong relationships.

Respite care is also an important service we offer at Amada Senior Care Toledo Bend. We understand that family caregivers need a break from time to time, and our respite care services can give them the break they need, while still ensuring that their loved ones are receiving high-quality care.

Senior Care from Amada

Assisted Living Care Options

Assisted living options may be more suitable for some of our senior clients. Assisted care facilities such as nursing homes, offer more medical care that some of our senior clients may be in need of. There are many types of care that require skilled nursing such as Alzheimer’s disease, memory care, and dementia care is also available at many of these facilities.

Amada Senior Care East Texas companionship

Identifying the Right Long-Term Insurance Plan Benefits

Long Term Care insurance (LTCi) is important for anyone who may need care for an extended period of time. It’s important to have a plan in place in case of a serious illness or injury that requires long-term care. There are many options available when it comes to long-term care insurance, and we can help you find the right one for your needs.

Our team is here to help you navigate LTCi and find the best coverage for you. We understand that this can be a difficult and overwhelming process, but we’re here to help you every step of the way.

The Importance of Elder Care

At Amada Senior Care Toledo Bend, we believe in empowering seniors to maintain their independence and the comfort of homes for as long as possible. Whether you need personal care or meal planning assistance, our compassionate caregivers are here to help.

Amada Senior Care East Texas helps understand the costs of in home care

Amada Senior Care Caregivers’ Commitment

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of every family we work with. We realize that inviting us into your lives and home is a sign of trust. The senior home care advisers and caregivers at Amada Senior Care in location will strive every day to make certain your trust in us is well-placed by providing the highest quality of personalized and compassionate senior care in location. In addition, we hope to be a source of support, guidance, and comfort to you and your family, because we believe that nobody should navigate in-home care alone.

If you or a loved one would benefit from home care in location, please contact Amada Senior Care in location for a Free Care Needs Consultation. We work with families to create a customized plan of care which enables seniors to remain safe, independent, and comfortable in their homes, but our services are not limited to in-home care. We also provide expert senior housing advisory services in the location area, financial counseling to make care more affordable, and more, because it is our mission to support you and your loved ones through every step of your senior care journey.

If you’re looking for home care in location, please reach out to us for a free needs consultation or call 409-489-4324.


At Amada Senior Care in location, we understand that seniors and families make better care decisions when they’re aware of all their care options. When you’re ready for for home care in location, Amada’s care advisors will help you understand all available care options and the available financial options to fund one of our expert caregivers. In our experience, we’ve found that quality location home care can be difficult to come by. That’s why you need a location senior care agency you can trust.

Latest Reviews

 by Debra Stagner on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Caring and compassionate!

Denise cared for my 95 year old step-dad after my mom died. We recently had to move him into assisted living but he was able to stay at home as long as he did because of Denise. She helped so much through the good times and the difficult times and she was always caring and compassionate. When we started talking about assisted living, she was very kind and helped him accept that this would be the best thing for him. We are grateful to Denise and Amada Senior Care and highly recommend them for their care and level of professionalism.

 by Sophia Everheart on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Choose AMADA!

This company takes great care for my uncle. I have never found a caregiver agency this dedicated to who they are providing for. The branch manager has been such a great help and always is there for us no matter what. My caregiver for my uncle always talks about how understanding she is and what she does for them. Choose AMADA!

 by Audra on Amada Senior Care Reviews
Amanda Senior Care

Naturally, when it comes to a loved one, it is a very difficult decision to make to have someone other than a family member care for our dear Mother. Crissy was wonderful in describing their company's mission and goals. Their selection of caregivers was excellent; we could not have chosen better. Additionally, all of the staff we have interacted with (either on the phone or in person) have been incredibly kind, compassionate and professional. Our Mother loves them all and so do we. I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Amanda Senior Care to anyone. Amanda Senior Care and Crissy have been a blessing to us all.

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