Help at Home for Seniors Managing CHF Symptoms 

Amada Chicago caregivers have the training to assist senior CHF sufferers in managing their symptoms and to alert family members when or if it might be time to call the doctor.

Congestive heart failure is one of the leading causes of death among seniors, so it is important to know that the home care agency you’re working with has an action plan in place for supportive home care of congestive heart failure patients. The professional senior care team at Amada City of Chicago is here to help you find CHF home care in Chicago, Humboldt Park, North Center, West Loop, and surrounding areas.

Knowing the CHF Protocol for In-Home Care

With their training and experience, Amada Chicago caregivers can offer support in helping CHF clients manage their symptoms while communicating to them about their care preferences. In providing CHF home care support, Amada caregivers look for these and other classic symptoms like weakness, coughing, sudden weight gain, and changes in the frequency of urination. Knowing the CHF protocol for in-home care, an Amada caregiver can help you or your loved one know when it’s time to call your family’s healthcare provider. This can significantly improve long-term care outcomes for CHF patients.

Managing CHF Side Effects with Lifestyle Changes

Lifestyle changes may help improve the side effects of congestive heart failure and your Amada caregiver can help with that, too. Our caring team can assist senior clients with heart failure home care and ensure that the treatment plan prescribed by their cardiologist is being followed. We also can encourage seniors diagnosed with CHF to stay active or let them know when it is time to put their feet up for a rest. Let us help you and your senior loved one receive the best home care for managing CHF symptoms with confidence.