Long-Term Care Insurance Guidance in Ogden, UT

Feeling overwhelmed when it comes to understanding your LTCi policy? You and your family are not alone wondering about how to cover the costs of in-home care. Amada Ogden can help.


Using a Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi) policy for home care can be complicated and confusing without the right guidance. For years, Amada Ogden has been the number one trusted resource for families and agents of Genworth, John Hancock, CNA, Blue Cross, Allianz, Bankers Life, TransAmerica, and many more. At Amada Ogden, we help seniors and their families understand their policies and the benefits that help pay for home care.

The owner of Amada Ogden, Dave Bean, personally meets with the senior LTCi policyholder and escorts the family through every step of the complimentary benefits review. The goal is to help senior policyholders understand the claims management process so that they get the benefits they deserve. This includes:

  • Reviewing your policy, paying special attention to inflation riders, home modification benefits, and indemnities that may increase your policy’s value.
  • Structuring home care services around elimination periods to get you the nonmedical assistance you need when you need it.
  • Speaking directly to LTCi agents and filing paperwork with Long-Term Care insurance companies to help families save time and cut through red tape.
  • Being in attendance with you for the policy-required nurse’s assessment.
  • Coordinating with your doctor for all the proper documentation.
  • Billing insurance directly and accurately to reduce your need to manage cash flow.
  • In the right situation as needed, submitting appeals and documentation.

Count on Amada Ogden to advocate for you and help you use the LTCi policy that you have invested in over many years. Here are the three things we at Amada Ogden wish everyone knew about their Long-Term Care insurance policies:

Don’t be afraid to use your LTCi policy!

Your benefit period can last longer than what is printed on your policy, depending on how you use it. You may not be aware that an LTCi policy can be used for short periods following a surgery or a dire medical situation.

Receive a letter about a rate premium increase? Don’t cancel your policy!

Call Amada Ogden right away if you received a letter announcing an increase in your rate premium. There are many things you can do besides cancel or lower the policy benefit. Let us help guide you.

There are many other benefits in your policy worth knowing about!

Policies can include money for home modifications, monthly cash payments, and more. It takes the knowledge and expertise of a senior care advisor like Amada Ogden owner Dave Bean to identify various benefits that can help pay for home care.

Call Dave at 801-758-7900 to learn more about your LTCi policy totally free of charge, whether or not you are interested in starting home care services. Just ask for Dave and a complimentary Long-Term Care insurance policy review.