Healthcare Professionals

Why should you join the Amada Staffing team?

✔ Benefits

We offer many supplemental benefits including short-term disability, accident insurance and critical illness insurance through Aflac. We know how important it is to stay covered.

✔ Additional perks

Available overtime, time and a half holiday pay and reimbursement programs for licensure are just a few examples of the additional perks we offer to our medical professionals. Our goal is to keep our staff successful, happy and with us long-term. We also offer on-going education because we know how important it is to set yourself apart in this demanding industry.

✔ Flexibility

All of our medical professionals are given complete autonomy of their own schedules, including the location they take an assignment. You are never required to work weekends or holidays unless you choose to.

✔ 24/7 Emergency Line

In the event you need to speak with an Amada Team member due to unforeseen circumstances, we are here for you. By providing you with our Emergency Amada line, we want to ensure you feel we are always within reach.