✓ Amada senior care of South Jersey (ASCOSJ) is Registered and Licensed Health Service Firm by the New Jersey office of the Attorney General, division of Consumer Affairs.

✓ Home Care Standards Bureau A+ Certification demonstrates compliance with HCSB regulatory board’s stringent Code of standards & Ethics as an accredited personal care service provider. Click here to learn more about A+ Certification.

✓ Accredited by the National Institute for Home Care Accreditation (NIHCA) which recognizes ASCOSJ as a highly competent, reliable, safe, accountable, and professional care provider. Click here to learn more about NIHCA Accreditation.

✓ Staffing: ASCOSJ uses sound personnel management practices for the recruitment, selection, retention, and termination of fully licensed and competent W-2 staff.

✓ The Community: ASCOSJ plays an active role in assessing and meeting the health and social welfare needs of the community. The agency informs the community about its services. The agency evaluates its services regularly and obtains quality improvement feedback from members of the community via the Professional Advisory Committee.

✓ Structure: ASCOSJ has legal authorization to operate, has the governing body and fiscal structure to ensure accountability. The agency complies with all employment laws. ASCOSJ has a business ethics and compliance program to prevent, detect, and report violations of laws, regulations, and unlawful conduct and to promote and ensure ethical business practices by all employees.