Amada Boston MetroWest Staff

LauraLynn Morrissey


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Jessica Spezzano

Case Manager

Jessica’s passion has always been related to health and helping others feel good about themselves. “I’ve always loved healthcare – even as a child, I knew it would be a part of my life. I love helping people and making them smile. My biggest and most favorite thing is developing a relationship with clients and families.” Jessica sees herself as more of a friend or family member to her clients, while of course maintaining a professional relationship.

Jessica is compassionate, going above and beyond for clients. One example includes her thinking outside of the box for a client who was an avid golfer. Due to his illness, he was no longer able to play the sport. He would reminisce with Jessica often and they bonded over the subject. One day Jessica set up a putting green in his house. Jessica would help him stand and putt, bringing him back to the days he cherished so much. “I enjoy doing things like that, bringing back who they were, and really at the end of the day I want what is best for our clients.”

In her free time, Jessica likes to work out and play sports. She adores her dog, Penny. She is family oriented and drives to Connecticut every weekend to spend time with her friends and relatives. If her life wasn’t busy enough, she is also pursuing her master’s degree in public health.

As a case manager, Jessica ensures that the care being provided to clients is exceptional. She communicates closely with clients and families, makes calls to physicians as the client needs and performs on-site visits to their residence. In addition to her work week, she is also “on call” at times. She may get called to help with a challenging situation, or if a patient is declining. If Jessica is not on call but knows a client more intimately than another case manager, she makes herself available. She also works with scheduling, making sure that all shifts are covered.

Jessica approaches her day with positivity, turning any negative into the best situation possible. She is often described as chipper and a team player. She is cognizant of her attitude and likes to lead by example. She makes herself available to caregivers as she knows how difficult their job is. “I’m there for their best interests, anything they need, even if it’s not work-related.”

Jessica joined Amada Senior Care as a case manager. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Public Health and has over 7 years of experience working in the healthcare field as a certified nursing assistant. Her background includes intensive care, infectious disease, hospice, oncology, and long-term care. Her wealth of knowledge is instrumental as Amada cares for clients with a wide variety of healthcare needs.

Takeesha Joseph

Office Manager

Takeesha knew at a young age that she would probably end up in healthcare to some extent.  She is Haitian-American and was brought up in an environment where you did what you had to do to care for your family. “I was kind of like a natural born caretaker.” Her mother worked two jobs to provide for the family so Takeesha took on the responsibility of caring for her younger brother. She believes this matured her in a way that positively affected her life.

Mental health is something Takeesha is very passionate about as she has helped family and friends battle with their illnesses her entire life. She believes that maintaining a work-life balance is key to a happy and healthy life. As office manager she encourages staff to practice self-care so that the group can work cohesively in a positive environment. Every day before work, she listens to an inspirational podcast and brings that energy to her coworkers, caregivers, and clients. The clients at Amada are her priority so it is really important to her that all staff have a positive outlook on the day in order to provide clients with the best care. One of her favorite things about Amada is her co-workers; “We all keep each other level-headed.”

As office manager, Takeesha does a lot of clerical work. Her responsibilities include running reports, answering phones, filling shifts, and working closely with the office recruiter to make sure the needs of the company are being met. She is in constant contact with caregivers, confirming their schedules, helping with emergent situations, as well as payroll and billing. “I have a great relationship with the caregivers, they trust me, they feel comfortable talking to me,” she says. “I have a calming effect and handle things differently than most and I think that’s something unique I bring to the table.” She also works on long-term care insurance documentation and makes sure paperwork is submitted properly and on time.

In addition to her job at Amada, Takeesha is a makeup artist and just recently launched a skincare line. The profits of her new line will go towards charity. She enjoys making others feel good about themselves and volunteers at local colleges to provide makeup applications for fashion shows. She also attends women’s support groups in Boston. “I love people, and I love to help people. I want to be someone who sets myself up for success and I will do whatever I have to do to get there to achieve my goals.”

Takeesha graduated from Bridgewater State in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Science focusing on Health Studies. Her courses included topics such as health promotion, stress management, and public health.

Linda Felix

CNA, Care Coordinator, Caregiver Training Manager

From a young age, Linda enjoyed caring for others. She had an innate ability to critically think even before she knew what healthcare was. One vivid memory Linda has is with her cousin. They were out skateboarding, and her cousin fell, scraping his legs and bleeding badly. Linda ran home to get first-aid supplies and bandaged her cousin’s legs. This came naturally to her. She wasn’t anxious or scared; she knew she had to take care of him. In response, her cousin said, “Linda you should be a nurse when you grow up.” After graduating high school, she decided to take his advice, follow her passion, and become involved in healthcare.

Linda is the mother of four children, ages 10-21. “My children have played a major role in the care I provide,” she says. Linda believes that she instills compassion, direction, and positivity both at home and on the job. Her passion for healthcare and love for her children has motivated her to get where she is today. She is a very proud mother; her two oldest daughters are in college, one in nursing school. Her son is an athlete and focusing on sports and her youngest is an entertainer who sings and dances.

Linda approaches each day with a positive mindset. What drives her? Amada clients. She is familiar with each client and is “protective” of them. Not everyone has family or friends for support. Linda believes the Amada team becomes like family to most clients and she holds the team to very high standards. She ensures that caregivers and clients are a good match, checking in on them on a regular basis. “They are constantly on my mind,” she says. “I want to make sure everyone gets the absolute best care, and that’s why I am in close communication with my caregivers and our clients.”

Linda prepares for her workweek ahead of time. She has great time management skills and is dedicated to her work. Her daily routine includes checking in on caregivers and clients – making sure everyone has what they need for the day. In addition, she reviews client care plans and documentation. Education is also a big part of her role. All new hires will go through orientation and educational trainings with Linda. She makes herself available to all caregivers at any time, even during off hours.

Linda has been working for Amada Senior Care for almost 2 years. She became certified as a nursing assistant in 1998. Her 22 years of experience brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to the Amada team. Linda has worked in a variety of settings such as adult foster care, senior care focusing on dementia patients, as well as hospice care.

Heather Mortimer

Clinical Educator, Health Coach

Heather did not always know she was going to go the nursing route. After volunteering at Children’s Hospital Boston and then caring for a close family friend, she knew she had found her calling. She was intrigued by the nursing world and wanted to learn as much as she could.  Caring for others came naturally, she loves being a nurse and holds a special place in her heart for the geriatric population. She enjoyed school and took extra courses to better provide for her patients. She holds herself to very high standards and is always looking to learn something new.

“I practice what I preach,” says Heather. “I encourage others to stay educated and up-to-date on nursing care, I emphasize the importance of positivity and self-care.” She holds several certifications. Most recently, she took a basic life support course and is now an instructor through the American Heart Association. She hopes to certify all Amada employees in basic life support by 2021.

Family is very important to her, as they have been her biggest support system. She believes we all need people in our lives to give us that extra push and motivation we need when in doubt.  Heather takes great pride in helping others achieve their goals and reach their full potential. She has a 2-year-old at home who is her world and motivates her every day to be the best person she can be. “I want him to grow up watching his mother love what she does while being successful. I want to be the best role model and allow him every opportunity to follow his dreams,” says Heather, who gave birth to her second child this past July and is thrilled to be a family of four.

Heather provides Amada staff with the most current healthcare practices through educational in-services and webinars. She also offers one-on-one support for caregivers and clients. Her goal has always been to impact healthcare on a large scale and Amada allows her the opportunity to do this. Nursing is her passion, and her priority is always the client. “It is my responsibility to provide caregivers with the education and tools they need in order to provide the best care for our clients.”

Heather was hired at Amada as a clinical nurse educator and health coach. She is an advanced practice nurse and has more than 10 years of experience in a variety of settings, including home care, intensive care, general medicine, and nursing administration. In 2015, she graduated with her master’s degree from Regis College and became board-certified as a Clinical Nurse Specialist. In 2019, she received her Doctorate Degree in Nursing Practice from Northeastern University. In addition to working for Amada, she works at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and teaches nursing courses for Boston College and Northeastern University.

Shawnelle Valdespino

Scheduling Manager

Shawnelle is passionate about patient advocacy, especially for the geriatric population. Growing up in a low-income household, Shawnelle and her family did not have adequate access to healthcare. She watched her grandparents fall ill and not receive the care they needed due to finances. “I want to make sure elders receive the care they need,” says Shawnelle. “I want to be their advocate.” One of her goals is to educate herself so that she can help educate others on healthcare promotion and equality.

She adds: “I want to help clients in any way that I can and help Amada succeed as a company.” Shawnelle is thinking about going back to school but wants to get more experience in the healthcare field so that she can decide exactly what she wants to focus on.

Shawnelle is family oriented and keeps in close contact with her relatives in Texas. She has three sisters and one brother for whom she is a role model. She encourages them to take chances and “go for it.” She wants them to follow their dreams and not hold back or be negatively influenced by others. She was very excited to become an aunt for the first time this fall.

In her free time, she likes to run and hike because these activities help her to clear her mind and think about what she needs to do to be productive for the day and life in general.  If she is not able to exercise, she listens to a meditation app for 10 minutes which helps her to reset.   She also likes to hang out with friends on the weekends and sing karaoke. During the Coronavirus quarantine her boyfriend and keeping a spirituality practice helped her to stay positive. She could not attend church but continued to keep her spirit active by listening to uplifting music and focusing on her goals. One of her favorite quotes from the Bible is “Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble (1 Peter 3:8).”

Her role at Amada consists mostly of scheduling caregivers. She works closely with each staff member and confirms their schedule in advance. This is important, as client’s needs are constantly changing. This also allows her to develop a relationship with caregivers and get to know clients and their specific needs.

Shawnelle graduated from Rhode Island College in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Health Administration. She is originally from San Antonio, Texas. Receiving an academic scholarship to Rhode Island College, she decided to make the move to the East Coast. After graduating, she worked at The Providence Center caring for low-income families and the homeless.