The Least Seniors Need to Know About Long-Term Care Insurance and VA Benefits

The Complexities of LTCi 

We understand that families are very protective of their elderly loved ones. This makes the process of choosing an in-home care company even more stressful. One way Amada Pittsburgh relieves that stress is by hiring and training the most skilled, reliable and compassionate caregivers. Another way is to address the financial aspect of home care, because the number one question seniors and their families ask is how will in-home care be paid for? 

Rest assured the senior care advisors at Amada Pittsburgh are experts on long-term care insurance (LTCi). We first provide a complete and complimentary review of benefits for the policyholder. Elimination period? Inflation rider? Waiver of premium? Application of unused portion? We get these answers for you, identify funds you may not be aware of, and help you determine how to get the most out of your benefits. Navigating the deep sea of your LTCi policy’s terms and conditions can be a daunting task, complicated by the pressure you are under to put it into action as quickly as possible. Leave these challenges in the expert hands of our Amada Pittsburgh team. We truly understand how confusing the terminology can be and how intimidating the process seems. We at Amada Pittsburgh are eager to take this burden off seniors and their families so that they can focus on relaxing and enjoying their time together. 

The VA Aid and Attendance Benefit 

Are you a wartime veteran or did your loved one serve our country in wartime? Many veterans and their families are unaware that a Veterans Administration benefit is available to war-era veterans and that this benefit is essential to a qualifying senior veteran’s financial future when it comes to in-home care. Families who understand and avail themselves of the Aid and Attendance benefit for veterans find it can make all the difference in obtaining high-quality in-home care. At Amada Pittsburgh, we are experts in helping determine what VA benefits and resources available for you as a retired member of the armed forces or for a spouse who served our country.  The first step is to let us provide a FREE care needs consultation.

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