Caregiver Jobs in Pittsburgh

Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh is accepting positions for the caregiver jobs listed below. If you would like to join our team, please click on the orange button above or on the link below to submit an application.

We currently hiring appropriately experienced and credentialed individuals to join our personal care attendant and homemaker services. Learn more about our caregiver jobs in Pittsburgh below.

What’s so Great about Working for Amada Senior Care Pittsburgh?

We Encourage Career Growth

  • Amada caregivers are passionate about what they do and driven to succeed, and we like to encourage them to grow with us by offering mentoring, free continuing education classes, and other resources for career mobility.

Competitive Pay

  • Amada caregiver wages are based on seniority, experience, performance, and specific client duties. We expect our caregivers to be above average, and we compensate them accordingly.

No-Fee Continuing Education

Amada provides free CEU-based training and courses, such as:

  • State certification training
  • Continuing ed units for CNAs and RNS
  • Training on client-specific conditions such as diabetes, both on-site and online
  • In-house training on basic skills and equipment with the Amada Training Center

Flexible Scheduling

  • Many Amada caregivers are pursuing higher education, raising families, or have other commitments that make a traditional 9 to 5 schedule impossible. We can work with you to find the schedule that fits your needs, including full- and part-time hours as well as day, night, and weekend shifts.

Recognition, Bonuses, and Rewards

  • We are so proud of the excellent reputation Amada caregivers have earned, and we enjoy finding new ways of showing them our appreciation. We host frequent caregiver events, give bonuses to the “Caregiver of the Month” and “Caregiver of the Year,” and also provide rewards such as gas and grocery cards and movie passes.

Amada is National

  • There are more than 80 Amada offices in the United States, so we can help you find a new position with us if you decide to relocate from the Pittsburgh area.

A Team you can Count On

  •  Our caregivers know they can turn to other Amada team members for support, encouragement, or a smile because we insist on hiring people who are professional, dedicated, and compassionate.

Technology to Help You Work Smarter

  • Care documentation and other administrative tasks are important, but we never want them to detract from a caregiver’s attention to his or her client. With tools like our Caregiver portal, care journaling, ADL documentation, and even scheduling are quick and convenient.

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