In-Home Memory Care for Seniors 

Taking care of a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia can take its toll on family members. A trained Amada caregiver can help provide much-needed support for managing symptoms, thus improving the quality of life for dementia seniors and their families.


Are you in need of professional in-home care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Lewy Body dementia or another type of dementia? The professional senior care team at Amada Naples is here to help you find up to 24-hour memory care services in Bonita Springs, Naples, Fort Myers and other Southwest Florida communities. “There are about 150 forms of dementia,” notes Amada Naples owner Craig Castillo. “Staying up to date on research and developments is key to Amada Naples providing appropriate, outstanding care.”

Long-term care for a sufferer of Alzheimer’s or dementia is a necessity, being that it is an incurable disease that affects the afflicted senior’s cognitive, physical and functional abilities. The symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia worsen over time, eventually limiting the patient’s ability to carry out activities of daily living (ADLs) and requiring 24-hour memory care. At Amada Naples Fl, we can help you and your family make the best memory care choice for your senior loved one. Please contact us today for a Free Care Needs Consultation

Help for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Families 

When the responsibility of caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s falls on your shoulders, having the right resources and support system in the Naples area can help you manage the symptoms of stress, depression and burnout. While it is an honor and a privilege to provide home  care for a cherished elder, family caregivers still need respite care for elderly loved ones with Alzheimer’s to maintain their own physical and mental health. Amada caregivers are trained on how to help with Alzheimer’s care, from assisting seniors in the early stages of memory loss into the late states of disease progression to help for Alzheimer’s families. 

Caregiver Support for Seniors with Alzheimer’s or Dementia

Amada prioritizes Alzheimer’s education for caregivers, whose training on managing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, vascular dementia, Lewy Body dementia and other dementia types can positively impact the senior’s quality of life and that of the family. As the disease advances, the in-home help for dementia care provided by your Amada caregiver will deliver the specialized attention our senior client with Alzheimer’s or dementia requires along with the physical and emotional support for families. 

Amada Naples caregivers provide Alzheimer’s and dementia home care services to assist seniors with the daily activities that they enjoy and to help with necessary personal care for your cherished elder has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementiaBecause of their training, Amada caregivers know that taking care of the Alzheimer’s or dementia client at home requires: 

  • Setting a positive mood for interaction through body language and tone of voice. 
  • Limiting distractions and easing frustration for someone with memory care needs. 
  • Redirecting the elderly client with Alzheimer’s who becomes upset and responding with warmth and reassurance to reduce anxiety or confusion. 
  • Creating an environment of safe home care for an Alzheimer’s client  that will limit wandering and reduce the dangers associated with this behavior. 

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Assisted Living Housing and Memory Care Communities

Should the beloved senior needing 24-hour Alzheimer care begin to require more support than in-home help with basic ADLs, it may be time to consider transitioning to a private memory care home or Alzheimer’s and dementia assisted living community or other memory care residential care homes. The Amada Naples support services for families of Alzheimer’s and dementia seniors include guidance throughout the decision-making process as well as creating a home care care plan for the elderly loved one as the senior progresses through the various stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Through our network of senior care professionals in Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, Estero, Fort Myers, Marco Island, Naples, and other Southwest Florida communities, we can identify Alzheimer’s respite care and long-term care options such as senior day care programs for adults with Alzheimer’s and dementia, along with assisted living and memory care communities. In addition, Amada Senior Care Naples owner Craig Castillo has completed extensive training courses under world renowned dementia care expert and author Teepa Snow, and he has been a consultant for construction projects of top-tier memory care facilities. 

Financial Assistance for Families

Taking care of a senior loved one with Alzheimer’s at home can be a serious financial burden. Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia does not make a senior patient automatically eligible for Medicaid or Medicare assistance. The costs of private home care for an Alzheimer’s or dementia patient or that of memory care assisted living in Southwest Florida at first may seem intimidating to many families. 

Please know that yYou can rely on the extensive home care experience of an Amada Naples senior care advisor to provide guidance on financial help for Alzheimer’s families. We help our clients and their families make full use of all benefits available to them, including veterans’ benefits and Long-Term Care insurance benefits, and we’re pleased to offer our placement services free of charge. Let us help your family make financial decisions with confidence. Please contact call us today at 239-595-4905.