by Dorothy Carroll on Amada Senior Care Daytona
I love working for Amada Senior Care

Amada senior care makes their employees feel like family. They have wonderful encentives and perks. They have always strived to get and keep me with full time hours. They work diligently to place their caregivers with clients who suit their employees and clients personalities to provide a cohesive working environment. I highly recommend this company for both perspective employees and clients.

 by Joseph Stager Jr. on Amada Senior Care Daytona
I Feel Like I Have Family Again Working as a HHA!

With my immediate family all gone, I felt like I didn't have anyone to share my life with. As an home health aide (HHA) for Amada Senior Care of Daytona Beach, I feel like I have family again! Amada Daytona brought me back to life and it truly is the best home health agency to work for. I highly recommend working for them, as I am treated very well. I say thank you to the owners and staff at Amada Daytona for being my family and helping me to do what I do best, which is to care for others. Amada Daytona is the best!

 by Susan Neylon on Amada Senior Care Daytona
Amada is a Valuable Service

My mom does a wonderful job as a family caregiver, but my father needs assistance 24/7. It was becoming too much for her. Amada Senior Care offered a very valuable service in that the owners helped our family submit my parents' long-term care insurance claim and then manage the policy which helps cover the cost of care for my dad. Everything has been working out great for my dad as well as my mom who gets much needed support.

 by Teisha I. on Amada Senior Care Daytona
Excellent Family-Run Business

Amada Daytona is an excellent family-run business. They care deeply about their clients as well as their caregivers and staff. I highly recommend Amada Daytona. They are the best at what they do by far!

 by Conor K. on Amada Senior Care Daytona
Great Home Care Agency

This is such a great home care agency to work for. The management is very helpful and proactive!

 by W. Long on Amada Senior Care Daytona
Strongly Recommend Amada Senior Care

The Amada Daytona owneship team -- Mark, Drew and Mark’s sister -- assisted my mother and me as we learned about and decided on in-home care options for her. My mom's home health aide, Thelma, helped her with her exercise routine and other home care needs that keep her aging safely at home. I strongly recommend Amada Daytona.

 by Qua S. on Amada Senior Care Daytona
I Love My Job and Amada Daytona

I love my job and Amada Daytona! I appreciate assisting clients, as they are so friendly. Also, the owners try to schedule shifts to fit around your everyday life, meaning Amada looks out for its employees in addition to clients. There are many opportunities to earn incentives and the owners show appreciation in many ways. I'm very happy to be working at this home care agency and I have had steady employment. Come join the Amada team because you will not regret it!

 by CB Williams on Amada Senior Care Daytona
Great Company to Work For

Amada Senior Care of Daytona treats all the caregivers and staff like family. Not only are they are a great company to work for, but also the owners helped me fix my car problem. This is a great company to work for!

 by Tia L. on Amada Senior Care Daytona
Compassionate and Professional People

This is the first family business I have worked for, having been a CNA for a few years. The owners of Amada Daytona are such compassionate and professional people who are highly considerate of employees and clients and their families. They take time to listen to all needs ( including those of clients ). They do a great job of working to fulfill all the wants and needs. I look forward to continuing to work on the team and I deeply appreciate all the owners do. Another big plus are the incentives!

 by Renee D. on Amada Senior Care Daytona
Truly Treated Like Family

Amada Senior Care truly treats their caregivers like family! Andrew is one of the owners, and he helped me save more than $700 by providing me feedback on necessary car repairs -- new gasket and filter, transmission fluid, etc. The repair shop told me it was $800 just for an entirely new transmission. Andrew even suggested where to get parts and then he even FIXED MY CAR the day after the parts were delivered. The total cost came out to $75. He saved me over $700! I’m thrilled to work for this agency of caring owners.

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