Every May 6th-12th marks National Nurses Week but as many of us have experienced in the past pandemic year, there’s no reason to wait for an official observance to show appreciation to nurses, caregivers and other frontline workers. From food and treat drop-offs to balloons, thank-you cards and personalized message signs, many of us since last spring have been reaching out in various ways to honor our incredible nurses and caregivers for their commitment and dedication.

Clearly, we cannot thank nurses and caregivers enough. We continue to salute and appreciate them as modern superheroes caring for Covid patients and helping seniors minimize their risk of exposure. While nurses and caregivers have long held the public’s trust, we are reminded during this global pandemic of just how crucial a role they play in healthcare and in society. In celebrating nurses and caregivers during National Nurses Week, we want to share the thoughts and inspirations of Amada Senior Care franchise owners and managers who are registered nurses. What follows are their words explaining what being a nurse means personally and professionally.


Personal Stories of Becoming a Nurse and Being in Senior Care

“What inspired me to become a nurse was my grandmother, Rebecca Guess, and my love for helping others as a child. My grandmother was a natural caregiver—she loved and treated everyone with the utmost respect. She inspired me to exemplify the same love and compassion for others with the love of God. As a child, I always knew I’d have a career in the healthcare field. I always wanted to learn about the body and how the body worked. I’ve met many great people along the way throughout my nursing career, both patients and healthcare professionals. As a current hospice nurse, my patients and families often ask me, ‘How can you care for patients who are dying?’ It brings my heart joy if I can bring comfort or touch one person’s life during these difficult end-of-life times just as the hospice team provided comfort to my family as my grandmother was a hospice patient at the end of her life. Nursing is definitely a calling!”

Audrey Milan MBA, BSN, RN and COO
Amada Senior Care of Memphis (TN)


Meg Colenback_South Shore_thumb

“From a young age, I knew my life would be focused on helping.  As a Registered Nurse, I have the privilege of caring for people no matter where they are on the continuum of wellness.  The story of my life is interwoven with all those I have given care to, making it rich, meaningful and so full of love. What a gift and blessing to be a nurse!”

Meg Colenback, RN, LICSW, Owner
Amada South Shore and Cape Cod (MA)

keri bierman_temecula_thumb

I feel so honored to be a Registered Nurse. I have had the privilege and opportunity to touch so many lives and work with so many wonderful people. I cherish every minute of it!” 

Keri Bierman, RN, Owner
Amada Temecula (CA) 

Mike Fleming_scrubs_thumb

Obtaining my RN certification opened so many doors for me. Although I enjoyed acute patient care, my initial goal was cardiovascular perfusion. A career with medical devices took me out of the clinical area, but I’m glad to be involved with patient care once again through Amada Senior Care! 

Mike Fleming, Owner
Amada Johnson County (KS) 

anjuli vaid_sacramento_thumb

“I love what Maya Angelou said about nursing: As a nurse, we have the opportunity to heal the heart, mind, soul and body of our patients, their families and ourselves. They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel.’” 

 Anjuli Vaid, LVN, Owner
Amada Sacramento (CA) 

Laural Strong

“My background is in emergency medicine as a paramedic and an RN. I got to play the female superhero. I put my cape on and flew into mostly chaos—car accidents, strokes, heart attacks, drownings, gunshots. Really, it is hard to explain days that were exhausting and draining but also exhilarating at times. Was there a sense of accomplishment? Yes, when it meant a life was saved, and sometimes not when all that could be done was to offer consolation. As a nurse, you walk an emotional tightrope of being self-aware of the power you might have to affect someone’s life as well as the lack of power at any given time.”

Laural Strong, RN, Air Force Veteran, Owner
Amada Lexington (KY)

james bernoski_scrubs

Nursing is a fantastic career and I’ve been in healthcare for about 20 years now. As a nurse, and prior to as a paramedic, I thoroughly enjoy taking care of people. Being there to help in a time of crisis or providing that shoulder to comfort or just having someone smile because I was there and able to helpthat’s my favorite part of being a nurse. 

My fondest memories come from working in the emergency room, even though you’re exposed to many tragedies and expected to provide hope and comfort. Of course, it’s so incredibly difficult to do that, but it’s just what nurses do. There are the little things, too, like getting a meal for someone who came into the ER just to get help to take medication that needs to be consumed with food or just listening to someone talk when they have no one else who can listen. 

Now as an in-home care provider with Amada Senior Care, I get to see all the positive change brought to a senior’s life—just by helping that person to bathe or take their medicine or go to the grocery store or just change their sheets on their bed. We’re so happy to do all these things to help, especially when family members live far away. 

I’ve worked with so many great nurses over the years that they’ve taught me things, especially newer graduates who come in with a different way of doing things. The continual teachinglearning and mentoring inspires me and my work. I have felt very proud of being a nurse long before Covid19 came along but am very happy to be one now able to assist in this challenging time. 

 James Bernoski, RN, BSN, Owner
Amada Senior Care of Greater Lexington (KY) 

Mike Lotz_Amada Columbus_thumb

I hope and pray everyone is staying safe as we navigate Covid19. Keep our medical personnel and seniors at the top of your thoughts and prayers! 

Mike Lotz, RN, Operations/Sales Manager
Amada Columbus (OH) 


 The COVID-19 situation will continue to change, but what remains steady is Amada Senior Care’s commitment to our communities. If you are having difficulty with heightened anxiety or uncertain about what assistance a loved one might require, please know we’re here for you 24/7 to help. Feel free to call us a at 877-442-6232 or you can send us an email at info@AmadaSeniorCare.com. It may feel like life is in a holding pattern, but as a caring community we will get through this together. 


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“A Thank You to Nurses and Caregivers Helping Seniors Minimize Risk ,” by Michelle Flores, Amada Blog contributor.