Amada Senior Care is built upon six core values: 1) Compassionate and Charitable, 2) Competitively driven to be the best, 3) Urgency in all things, 4) Entrepreneurial farmer mentality, 5) Confidently humble, and 6) Grateful. What this means is that Amada Senior Care partners with, hires, and promotes those who demonstrate these traits.

What this year—a year like no other—has taught us is that we have the order wrong. First on the list—and in our hearts—is Grateful. As an organization, from each franchise office led by independent owners around the country to every employee supporting them at the corporate level—we are incredibly grateful.

We are grateful to be able to serve clients, their families, our caregivers and staff, and others during this time and to be counted on as an essential resource.

We are grateful to all of our partners in the healthcare industry who trust us to help them support their senior clients in achieving the best outcomes in their continuum of care.

We are beyond grateful for our team of caregivers whose passion for and commitment to seniors make the Amada Senior Care name synonymous with exceptional home care.

“This year has been especially challenging with Covid-19, but it seems from all the stories that are coming in from across the country that you guys are handling it well,” said Amada co-founder and CEO Tafa Jefferson in a video message to caregivers. “We want to tell you how thankful we are for you and how grateful we are to have wonderful staff here at Amada Senior Care. Thank you so much for the work you do for our clients, allowing them to age in place.”

What follows are just a few examples of caregiving grace provided by our caregivers that demonstrate they are indeed the “heart and hands” behind the Amada logo.


Jill Murray is by far the best example of a compassionate and wonderful caregiver here at Amada. Her client, Miss Margie, adored her so much that when her only daughter died the family requested that Jill be there when Margie’s son-in-law broke the news.

Margie’s leg had been amputated in 1994 due to a car accident. Well, Jill shortened the leg of all of Margie’s pajamas so she could be comfortable. Extremely talented at knitting, Jill knitted a blanket with Margie’s name on it. Last Christmas, I stopped by Margie’s to find Jill baking Christmas cookies and decorating her home to give Margie the best experience possible.

Jill adored working with Margie and so she helped coordinate weekend caregivers, creating a schedule of tasks so that every aspect of Margie’s care was handled. Last year when workers’ comp denied all mileage charges and instructed that no caregiver was to transport Margie (essentially making Margie a shut-in), Jill served as an advocate alongside our office team as well as Margie’s case worker and power of attorney. Jill helped explain the need so that Margie could continue to live her best live by simply “having some wind blown in her hair” and getting out of the house. Thanks to this advocacy effort, the denial was reversed.

Sadly in October, Margie passed away after a short battle with lung cancer. On the day of her death as Margie was unresponsive and being cared for at home with hospice, I watched as Jill spoke with a gentle voice, moistening her lips, brushing her hair, and trimming those pesky chin whiskers that Margie so hated. We sang songs, said prayers, and told Margie how much we loved her. She passed away later that night.

Kelly Fehr
Owner of Amada Nashville (TN) and Amada Bucks and Montgomery Counties (PA)


Our caregiver duo, Flo and Flen, are true gems!

They have both worked for a wonderful man, Mr. S, for many years and they have gone above and beyond making a special bond that can never be forgotten. They worked side-by-side to always make sure that their client was covered in case a fellow caregiver had the day off or was out sick.

Once his wife Mrs. S started to also decline, Flo and Flen began taking care of both husband and wife at the same time. They cared for these clients as an extension of their own families. When Mr. S passed away, Flo and Flen helped his widow and the family through the grieving process. They helped Mrs. S attend the funeral and gave her all the emotional support she needed while putting their own sadness, and emotions aside to make sure she was being taken care of.

Flo and Flen continued to assist Mrs. S through the time of her passing, and they attended her funeral as well. After just a few weeks of being off work to grieve themselves, Flo and Flen returned to work. They first helped clients separately for a few months. But the inevitable happened, and the scheduling department reunited this amazing duo. Flo and Flen are now back working together and enhancing the life of another client.

William Strunc
Senior Care Advisor for Amada Orange County (CA)


Jean King always goes above and beyond for clients. You should see the “book” she writes as care notes for each client so that I know what is happening. Jean has been loved by every client she has ever served. She notices all the little things that aren’t apparent. For one client, she reorganized his entire kitchen so that he is now able to reach things. She also noticed that his cat had health issues and besides checking on veterinarian help also did some cleanup that would have been too difficult for the client to handle. Jean is willing to jump in on whatever the client needs.

Kerry Aulger
Senior Care Specialist for Amada Columbus (OH)


Renita Milton is an angel on earth due to how happy she is all the time. Many clients would love to have Renita around all the time and are grateful for the time they do have with her.

When one client was diagnosed with Covid, Renita remained steady and calm on her schedule. When she found out there wasn’t a replacement caregiver available on a day that Renita had off, she rescheduled her off-duty day so that the client had care. Renita emulates “people first” in everything she does. She thinks about others before herself and we could not do what we do without her!

Farrah Wedgeworth
Recruitment Coordinator for Amada Birmingham (AL)


In support of caregivers, healthcare workers and first responders

Mental health providers are taking the lessons learned from 9/11 to create effective care programs for public emergency responders, healthcare workers and other essential workers during Covid. It’s anticipated that the pandemic could lead to PTSD and depression among medical workers. Around the world, many report feeling anxiety over long hours, the high risk of infection, and feelings of uncertainty, according to the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

During this incredibly challenging time, there can never be enough positive messages to continue bolstering the spirits and morale of healthcare workers, essential workers, first responders, and caregivers. So keep sending thank you cards and emails, post encouraging words on social media, make a blood or plasma donation, call a healthcare worker you know personally, and wave and smile to those in scrubs. All these little acts of kindness and more tell them that they are making a difference and that they matter.

“Leading with Gratitude – Thank You to Our Caregivers,” edited by Michelle Flores, Amada blog contributor.