Charles and Ann Morse said, “This history of our grandparents is remembered not with rose petals but in the laughter and tears of their children and their children’s children. It is unto us that the lives of grandparents have gone. It is in us that their history becomes a future.”

Amada Senior Care recognizes the value that grandparents bring to the lives of those around them. National Grandparents Day is coming up. To celebrate, a few of Amada’s franchise partners shared memories of their own grandparents that highlight the many reasons why grandparents are so special.


They know how to make us feel loved.

“Every year right before my birthday, my grandma would ask me, ‘What color?’  She would then make me a tall, airy angel food cake with fluffy buttercream frosting for my special day.  She would tint the cake and the frosting both with whatever color I chose – pink, purple, turquoise, etc.  The frosting was layered on about an inch thick! I loved it!  Now it actually makes my teeth hurt just thinking about it!”

-Johanna Paschal, Amada Senior Care North San Antonio

They teach us valuable life lessons.

“My Pop-Pop, Arthur Hill (1912-2014) was one of the most influential male figures in my life and he taught me very valuable life lessons, like how to hunt and how to treat women. He is the main reason why I wanted to lead a home care company.  The light went off when I observed the satisfaction on my Pop-Pop’s face when his caregiver would start her shift. I said to myself, ‘This is what a value-added service is all about. I can do this!’ It was an honor to learn from him, to listen to him and most importantly be there for him as he grew old and needed assistance in daily living.”

-Kevin Fehr, Amada Senior Care Nashville

They are our heroes.

“My paternal grandmother raised all of her kids and grandkids as the true matriarch of the family.  She was deeply loved by all, yet you never wanted to cross ‘Big Mom,’ as we affectionately referred to her. She was the one that all of her children and grandchildren would seek out first to give a kiss to and share any good news, or to ask for help in mending any sort of wound.  She was the constant grounding force for a family that was always coming or going, happy or sad, anxious or bored.  She always ensured that everyone was well-groomed, well-mannered and of course, well-fed.  She was not one to overly judge, yet she had her way of always letting you know how she felt, and was able to guide you to the appropriate course of action. I must have been about twelve or thirteen when it finally occurred to me – Big Mom could not say a single word!  You see, she had a stroke in her younger years that left her able to only make a few odd-sounding noises, while barely being able to walk and with the use of only one arm.  Clearly, Big Mom never viewed her condition as a disablement or felt sorry for herself, nor did anyone else.  Despite her severe physical challenges, she lived a very full, rewarding life into her 90s, while enriching the lives of everyone with whom she came in contact.”

Colin Preis, Amada Senior Care Boston Metro West


They provide us with some of our best memories.

“I LOVED going to the dairy farm where my grandparents lived.  There was always lots of activity and good food.  I remember lying in bed very early in the morning and hearing all the noises as the work began.  As my grandpa (Papaw) and uncles would head to the barn, my grandma (Nanny) would start making the food for the day.  It would not be long until I smelled the coffee percolating, bacon cooking and the sizzle of frying eggs.  After the morning chores were done, everyone would gather around the table for wonderful food and lots of conversation.  After lunch there were afternoon chores until it was time to milk the cows in the evening.  I loved going into the barn and smelling the fresh milk and cream, and hearing the sound of the electric milk machines. As I think back to those times, I have fond memories.  My grandparents modeled hard work that reaped wonderful rewards.  They enjoyed life and loved spending time with their family.  Today, when I smell bacon frying and fresh baked bread, it reminds of wonderful days spent with my Nanny and Papaw.”

Mell Fleming, Amada Senior Care Johnson County, KS

“I grew up living a couple of hours from my grandparents who lived on the lake in the country.  Some summers I would go stay with them for part of the break.  Those days were filled with my Grandpa teaching me how to shoot a BB gun and the smell of my Grandma’s fresh baked bread.  To this day my best memories revolve around a pocket knife, a fishing pole and taking off all day into the woods.”

Troy Tice, Amada Senior Care North Houston

They continue to inspire us.

“Happy Grandparents Day to my Grandpa Bert. I miss you every day! Grandma Zora, I hope when I’m 98 I’ll be smiling just like you.”

-Kimberlee Crosby, Amada Senior Care Vancouver, WA


Amada Senior Care encourages everyone to take a moment to honor the grandparents in their lives.


Written by Taylor French, Amada contributor.