It’s that season of the year again; the holidays are fast approaching and time is running out to complete your shopping. As you write your gift lists, you may find yourself stumped when trying to figure out the perfect present for the senior loved ones in your life. This holiday season, what counts is consideration of an elderly loved one’s preferences, needs, and limitations. In addition to sending warmth and holiday cheer, focus on facilitating their care and well-being. Below are 10 holiday gifts that we’ve found are great for seniors.


light-it-magnifier-floor-lamp-amada1.  LIGHT IT by Fulcrum LED Wireless Magnifier Adjustable Floor Lamp

The Fulcrum Magnifier Floor Lamp is ideal for seniors who suffer from eyestrain or low vision.  The lamp can stand near your loved one’s favorite chair to provide cool light and magnification for activities like reading or sewing. It is stable, adjustable, and can even be made wire-free if preferred.



vim-vigr-compression-amada2.  Vim&Vigr Compression Legwear

Compression is therapeutically proven to prevent swelling, alleviate achiness, aid in muscle recovery, and slow the progression of varicose veins.  Your elderly loved one can energize their legs in style with Vim&Vigr designer compression legwear.  You can choose from their many patterns and types of material for tights, sleeves, and socks.



medcenter-pill-organizer-amada3.  MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer

To use the MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer, caregivers need only fill in each day’s box with appropriate dosages.  Seniors inevitably know which pills to take at any point in time.  Each daily pill box has separate compartments for morning, noon, evening, and night medication.  It’s also stress-free to take the box with you – should you need to medicate on the go.


rest-n-roll-cart-amada4.  Rest N Roll Multipurpose Cart

With a Rest N Roll Multipurpose Cart, your loved one can not only shop weight-free, but can also sit and take shelter in the case of rain or shine.  Its large storage compartment holds up to 300 pounds, wheels easily, fits in any car, and comes with seat and umbrella attachments.  The cart is even great to take to sporting events where seniors can sit in the shade near their belongings.



oversized-zipper-pull-amada5.  Oversized Zipper Pulls

On bags, accessories, and sweaters, zippers can be too small for seniors to close without much hassle.  Easy-to-find, oversized zipper pulls offer larger grips for seniors to hold with their entire hand.  Attach them to any zipper your senior struggles to close and provide a small but big aid to daily living.



vionic-orthaheel-rhinestone-sandal-amada6.  Orthaheel Vionic Tide Rhinestone Women’s Sandal

Faced with the challenge of finding comfortable and stable shoes, seniors might have to sacrifice style for function.  For your female elderly loved one, you can buy a pair of stylish Orthaheel Vionic Tide Rhinestone Sandals in multiple colors.  The sandal’s Orthaheel technology is also podiatrist-designed to support and realign feet to their natural position.



mighty-bright-rigid-page-magnifier-amada7.  Mighty Bright Rigid Page Magnifier

If your senior enjoys reading, give them a Mighty Bright Page Magnifier to enlarge fine print.  This is an ultra-thin and ultra-lightweight magnifier to hold over a newspaper, book, or magazine.  Its large surface covers an entire page, and can be discretely stashed as a bookmark.


key-turner-hole-in-one-amada8.  Key Turner Hole-in-One

Seniors with limited hand flexibility or arthritis will greatly appreciate the grip of a Key Turner Hole-in-One.  Its five-inch handle provides leverage and a larger grasp for turning keys.  Each holder can store up to three keys and attach to a key chain.  This is a must-have for seniors with multiple sclerosis (MS), amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), and arthritis.



optimus-portable-fan-heater-amada9.  Optimus Portable 2-Speed Fan Heater with Thermostat

Even at home, dropping temperatures and drafts can ail senior citizens who are sensitive to the cold.  With an Optimus Portable Heater, seniors can take the comfort of warmth from room to room.  The small and light unit performs well for its size, keeping entire rooms warm through chilly nights.



clarity-amplified-photo-phone-amada10.  Clarity Amplified Photo Phone

The Clarity Amplified Photo Phone is customized particularly for a senior’s use. It includes programmable photo memory buttons, sound amplified to 18 decibels, enlarged numbers, and a bright visual ring indicator.  For a senior with hearing loss or poor vision, the phone offers easy access to loved ones far away.


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“10 Great Holiday Gifts for Your Senior Loved One,” Written by Michelle Mendoza, Amada Contributor